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Refringing Process.

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Yeatts Rug Plant remains at the top.

Expert fine fabric and rug cleaning requires years of training, constant education, and a willingness to adopt to new fabric cleaning methods. Equipment upgrades throughout the last decade have been tremendous. However, the technician using the equipment has to read the operator’s manual and comprehend all the applications, maintenance, and parts of the equipment. Then the technician would become more proficient in cleaning fabrics and rugs as a result of on-the-job training. If the company owner refuses to pursue new fabric cleaning methods using new or improved equipment, cleaning solutions, and training employees of these enhancements, then repeat business slowly fades away.

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We are the commercial carpet cleaning experts!

Everyone realizes Yeatts Inc. is sought after for residential carpet cleaning. Leading janitorial companies and successful building maintenance managers select our company to clean carpets and upholstery for their customers or buildings under their management. Yeatts Inc. technicians can be seen cleaning large commercial businesses and organizations in the late afternoons and on weekends. Our company rarely loses a commercial account as well. Often the termination of a commercial account is a result of the maintenance manager leaving for a better position or the janitorial company losing the account.

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